Welcome to Backyard Candles!

Created from the inspiration to make an entirely eco-friendly candle, I began making candles in my free time because I enjoyed using fragrances and essential oils. As my passion grew I began looking for new ways to make my candles unique.
Enter coconuts.
There is something about coconuts that make them so appealing. Maybe because of how simple they are, or how meaningful they are. But however you look at, its impressive the amount of uses this fruit has. When I began working with coconuts I realized that they have a tremendous impact on the way wax melts and wicks burn. After numerous trials and errors, I was able to develop a recipe for making deliciously smelling candles. The approach is natural. I use all parts of the coconut shell, along with other sustainable sources such as pure soy wax and 100% cotton wicks.  With this approach, I make candles that burn clean while throwing your way fragrance that’s unparalleled.
Our seasonally inspired aromatic candles reflect every week of the year, allowing you to relax, revitalize and enjoy life one week at a time. We hand picked every fragrance to match a specific week in the year, allowing you to escape the cold during winter months with a clean summer breeze or enjoy freshly picked apples all year long!
All candles are uniquely crafted in real coconuts to refresh your being, lift your spirit and positively alter your state of mine.
Most importantly, all candles are hand made and hand poured in small batches to ensure top quality and performance.
This is why our slogan is "from mine to yours."