Our Story

Backyard Candles Founder Justin Healy

Hi there! My name is Justin Healy, founder of Backyard Candles. Here is our story!

Backyard Candles is a small batch candle company that started in 2017 with an idea. That idea was coconut candles. I was sitting in my college apartment and had just bought a coconut for the next great healthy beverage, or so I thought. After eating all of the coconut flesh (and realizing the beverage industry wasn’t for me) I was left with a coconut shell. Later that day I was sitting on my couch when it seemed as if I just got lost in the flame of one of my burning candles. I snapped back to and knew what I had to do. After 9 months of testing and creating fragrances, Backyard Candles was launched in November of 2017.
My first line, coconut candles, was extremely well received. Coconuts are a waste product so I knew up-cycling them for my coconut candle line would be good for the environment, and provide a unique aesthetic and appeal. As the line began to grow at Backyard Candles I was constantly looking for ways to differentiate and reach new markets.
With the name Backyard Candles, the next thing to do was make a candle meant for outdoor use and keeping the bugs away. That’s when “The Backyard Candle” was born. These candles are made with all natural soy wax, cotton or wood wicks, and pure therapeutic grade essential oils such as citronella and lemongrass. 
Then we took it a step further. 
Backyard Candles comes from the belief that we all share a collective Backyard, and my goal is to represent ALL backyards and in every form. Hence, our candles are inspired by the elements. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The four elements come together to create our physical world. As a company, we strive to create deeper meaning and connection with the products we make. Our Earth Collection is represented in the form of concrete vessels, our Air Collection by glass vessels, our Water Collection by coconut vessels, and our Fire Collection by ceramic vessels. This has enabled us to develop a line of products that are truly unique, and representative of our collective experience. Not to mention, the four elements lay within us and we are constantly balancing them and connecting deeper to them through our spirit.
Backyard Candles 

Born from the elements. Like us all. 

Located in San Diego, CA.