The 5% Rule

We take great pride in offering candles made ONLY using materials that are up-cycled, recycled, renewable, or can be reused. All of our waxes are 100% natural and renewable. Our candle vessels consist of up-cycled coconut shells (a waste product that is typically burned and pollutes the earth), recycled wine and beer bottles (that can be recycled again once the candle is done) and reusable ceramic and cement jars, cups, mugs and bowls. 
Our mission doesn't stop at offering the most eco friendly candles on the market!
NOPE! Our mission is to offer these eco-friendly, ZERO WASTE (yes all of our packaging is recyclable too!) candles, giving you peace of mind knowing you're supporting a company who's goal is to be as green as possible AND who donates 5% of every sale to clean up the environment.
See, our company is about creating a deeper connection to nature and more specifically the elements. These elements give us life and we see it only fair that we do our part in giving back to them.  
Backyard Candles gives back
Below is a breakdown of where we give back!
5% to help the planet
*5% is calculated after cost